Soldadoras y Cortadoras


Smooth welding leading all to the edge, AC / DC / MMA TIG pulse, AC balance control, remote welding current control. Dual purpose: AC TIG / MMA inverter and DC TIG / MMA inverter, excellent performance in carbon alloy, stainless steel, titanium.


Designed to offer the best performance in DC current welding. Providing an excellent arc for all types of electrodes.


Gas-shielded metal electrode arc welding is a process in which fusion occurs by an arc established between the end of a consumable electrode and the workpiece. The protection is obtained from the gases supplied simultaneously with the filler metal.

TIG 200P

Single-phase equipment with IGBT inverter technology for welding of all types of direct current electrodes.

TIG HF 160

Inverter power sources designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users. Easy to use in both STICK welding and TIG welding with HF start

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