JDT Alemania

NORM 8 (Grade 8 lifting equipment)

JDT Grade 8 Lifting Accessories are trusted by customers around the world. } The quality of JDT lifting accessories is guaranteed throughout the production process through countless quality controls. In this way, JDT can guarantee product quality that goes beyond the norm, even for grade 8 lifting accessories.

THEIPA (Elevation Points)

With THEIPA Points, JDT offers the most advanced generation of clamping turns (up to 40 t working load limit). The technological properties of the ENORM 10 material allow JDT to once again increase the working load limit of the new THEIPA Point swivel attachment, even in the heavy load range.

Mining chain

Equipment, the F-Class chain has outstanding qualities in terms of wear, stroke, toughness, strength, and corrosion resistance.

ENORM 10 (Grade 10 lifting equipment)

With roots in the ENORM 10 series, an adherence to EN 818 specifications, the material specifically selected by JDT is the only thing that provides true grade 10 JDT lifting accessories. ENORM 10 lifting accessories are characterized by their high strength together with greater hardness and resistance above the average to extreme temperatures.

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